What Is a Subaru Boxer Engine?

Everything You Want in an Engine: Balance, Power and Smooth Delivery

A Subaru engine is unlike your typical inline engine. This is because instead of having vertical cylinders, they are actually horizontal and opposing. What this does is allow Subaru to have their engines lower to the ground. This creates a lower center of gravity that improves a number of different performance aspects.

There are a variety of advantages to having this type of engine over an inline or a v-type. These advantages add up to a better overall driving experience. Check out a few of the advantages below and let us know which one is your favorite.

  • Compare this Subaru engine with other AWD vehicles and you will find that Subaru is one of the most fuel-efficient. This is because of a variety of reasons but the low center of gravity is one of its contributing factors.
  • When an inline or v-line engine is running, it vibrates. Since the horizontal pistons are opposed, they cancel out each other and provide less vibration for a smoother and more comfortable ride.
  • Due to its design, the pistons in a Subaru will always be lubricated. That means that your engine’s pistons will wear slower and you won’t be spending money on a repair!

With this engine under the hood, you will not only have a smooth and balanced ride but a luxurious one too. This is because the only other car company to design their engines in this fashion is Porsche. They understand that this engine maximizes power and stability and that is why they use it too.

If you are interested in learning more about the nuances of this engine, call or stop by our dealership today. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to explain the ins and outs of this engine and answer any questions you may have.

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