The Importance of Proper Subaru Maintenance in Montana

Whenever you drive your Subaru in Montana, you’ll want to make sure it is getting the service and care it needs to live a long and healthy life. Our ever-changing weather, rough winters, and rough roads can take a toll on your Subaru, and that is just the beginning. Visit Placer Motors to find expert Subaru service and ensure your vehicle is in top shape!

Important Subaru Services

Whenever you drive, your engine generates incredible amounts of heat thanks to the close proximity of fast-moving metal parts. The only thing stopping those parts from coming into contact with one another is your engine oil, which adds a lubricating layer that protects your engine components. No matter how gently you drive, you will still have to change your oil every few thousand miles to ensure the proper lubrication and clean flow of oil through your engine, and our Subaru service center can get you in and out quickly. This is especially important in winter, when cold temperatures mean your oil already has a hard time properly lubricating your engine on start up.

Meanwhile, the salt and rough roads of winter can wreak havoc on your suspension and undercarriage parts. Having your alignment checked regularly can help you stay ahead of potential trouble and restore the proper handling and ride of your Subaru model. A misaligned suspension leads to rapid tire wear, unpredictable handling, and a harsh ride, none of which you want when trying to drive through a Montana winter.

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