Need Your Subaru's Tires Replaced or Due for an Oil Change? Come to Helena!

If you have a service need, planned or unplanned, that comes up for your Subaru Forester, you won't feel a sudden surge of panic about where to take it to receive excellent auto service. All you do is schedule a service appointment at Placer Subaru. From there, our team of certified Subaru technicians will dive right in and put you and your Subaru model back on the road where you both belong. Our Townsend-serving service center covers a wide array of auto repairs and services that allow your Subaru to run smoothly and successfully.

When we say schedule an appointment, we don't mean picking up the phone or commuting from Montana City to schedule an appointment face-to-face. What we do mean is quickly jumping online and conveniently securing a time, date and required service need electronically. After you submit your service request on our site, our service team will be in touch to get your appointment confirmed. If it's a routine maintenance request, scheduling your visit in advance can help you stay on top of your vehicle's performance.

Here's a Taste of the Types of Service We Take Care of Near Helena Valley

  • Routine procedures like oil changes, tire rotations or headlight replacements.
  • More complex repairs connected to your brakes, transmission, and powertrain.
  • A tire center devoted to checking, repairing and installing new types of tires.

Having a go-to resource that you can trust for quality vehicle service provides greater peace of mind. By knowing exactly where to take your Subaru Legacy when you hear the brakes squeak or need to have it inspected before winter hits, you'll maximize the time and money you spend on maintenance and repair costs. The professionals staffed at Placer Subaru prioritize every vehicle that graces our service center, and we can't wait to meet yours. Schedule today! It's fast, easy and rewarding!

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