At Placer Subaru, maintaining your Subaru SUV or sedan is an all-encompassing affair. And by sticking to the prescribed maintenance schedule of your Subaru Crosstrek, enhanced is overall vehicle health and vitality.

Near Townsend, our factory-trained technicians only need to reference your Subaru Outback Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). And from that, all the servicing and maintenance procedures unique to your Subaru are learned, then performed.

Though, in being mindful of performance and safety, it's best to service your Subaru when you feel the time is right.

Servicing Done Daily at Placer Subaru Near Montana City

Below are the following servicing protocols your Subaru Forester will require at certain intervals:

Synthetic Oil Changes

Degraded or contaminated oil may initiate consequences for an engine. Fresh oil is optimal every few thousand miles for lubrication of parts and components.

Tire Health and Rotation

Have your tires inspected for tread depth, sidewall cracking and creasing, bulges or lodged items. Frequent rotation is suggested.

Brake System Inspection

Given positioning, brake parts of pads, calipers and rotors are exposed to all weather elements. Without proper care and monitoring, wear is accelerated, creating a potential hazardous outcome.

Wheel Alignment Importance

If your Subaru SUV "naturally" pulls to left or right, especially at high speeds, the tilt and angle of front wheels will require adjusting.

Engine System Components Examined

Engine parts and components comprising belts and hoses need examination. Here, a loose or worn belt may prove inconvenient if falling off, thereby immobilizing your vehicle.

Fluid Systems Topped Off

Certain vehicle systems need full fluid levels for safe and efficient functioning. Steering, brakes and wiper systems have fluid reservoirs and will leave telltale signs of low levels or leaks.

Placer Subaru Helps You With Maintaining Your Subaru

Stop by our local Helena Valley service department, and find out what servicing your Subaru SUV requires at any given time.

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