Finance vs. Leasing

Explore the differences between finance and leasing to help you find the best way to buy a new car.

To Finance or To Lease? Placer Motors Breaks It Down for Helena, MT Shoppers

Looking to update your ride? Once you decide on the perfect model, it's time to consider how you'll pay for it. Everyone who shops with our dealership has the option to either finance or lease their vehicle. Each option is right for a different type of driver, and we'd like to clear the air surrounding your two choices, so you can easily decide on the right option for your lifestyle and your budget.

Financing Your Next Car near Townsend, MT

What Does it Mean to Finance?

Financing a vehicle is done through the dealership and consists of you and your dealership entering a contract where you agree to pay off the total price of your vehicle over a set period of time. You'll pay the amount you financed plus interest each month. It's typical for the dealership to sell the agreement to a bank or credit union, so that's who you'll make your payments to. In short, you are paying for a vehicle to own it-so once your final payment is made, the car is your asset.

What are My Vehicle Options when Financing?

You can finance any new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle on our lot. Financing is an option on all of our models; you'll find no limitations there.

What are the Benefits of Financing?

  • Once you're done making payments, you'll no longer have a car payment
  • We have long and trusted relationships with the banks we work with and can offer you numerous financing options that suit your budget
  • We have incentive programs and special offers on financing
  • You own your vehicle with financing-it's an investment that's an asset to your name
  • Owning your vehicle means that you can customize it and drive it to your liking

Financing is Right for…

  • Someone who wants to make an investment
  • Someone who drives a lot and doesn't want to worry about mileage limits
  • Someone who wants a used or certified pre-owned car
  • Someone who likes to drive their vehicle for many years
  • Someone who wants to make many customizations to their vehicle

Leasing Your Next Car near Montana City

What Does it Mean to Lease?

A lease is an agreement between you and the dealership to drive a vehicle for a set number of miles and months. There are often several different pre-set lease plans ranging anywhere from one year to three years with set mileage limits. Each month, you will be paying to drive the vehicle plus taxes and a rental fee.

What are My Vehicle Options when Leasing?

You can lease any new car on our lot. Leasing is not available for used or certified pre-owned vehicles in our inventory.

What are the Benefits of Leasing?

  • Leasing is great for those who love to always drive a new vehicle and update their vehicle every couple of years
  • We have incentive programs and special offers on leases
  • With a warranty covering your car for the first several years of driving, you'll enjoy minimal maintenance costs
  • Reap the benefits of the latest innovations in auto safety with a lease
  • Lease agreements often feature lower monthly payments than financing agreements because you're not working to pay off the total price of the vehicle
  • Lease agreements often do not require a deposit

Leasing is Right for…

  • Someone who always wants to drive a new car
  • Someone who wants a lower monthly payment
  • Someone who wants to avoid a deposit
  • Someone who wants lower maintenance costs
  • Someone who doesn't want to make a big investment
  • Someone who doesn't worry about mileage limits and often has a short commutes

Take the Next Step Today with Placer Motors near Helena Valley

Interested in leasing or buying? We make both processes simple here at Placer Motors. Visit our Finance Center and get started with your lease application or automotive financing application today online or in person.

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