Difference Between Leasing vs Buying in Helena, MT

Analyzing the "Should I Lease or Buy" Decision at Placer Subaru 

The buy versus lease decision is one many prospective car buyers around Helena, MT have struggled with over the years. With so many factors to consider, organized research into the topic can prove helpful. And with a detailed Subaru buy versus lease guide here at Placer Subaru, you can feel more informed on the key advantages and disadvantages of both options! Our finance experts look forward to helping you identify the right option based on your budget requirements, individual preferences and the specific elements you value most.

Pros and Cons of Buying

The following advantages and potential disadvantages of buying a new Subaru model need to factor into your shopping decision:

  • Monthly Payments - Since you are financing the full vehicle, monthly payments are normally more expensive than typical payments for leasing a vehicle. However, this money is considered equity in your automotive investment
  • Total Expense - Overall, financing a Subaru model is more expensive than leasing. These payments do go towards complete ownership once your auto loan is completely covered
  • GAP Coverage - This protection coverage, recognized as guaranteed asset protection (GAP), is recommended for shoppers buying new Subaru models. It will account for the gap in what the vehicle is worth and what you currently owe in the case of an accident, saving you potentially thousands of dollars
  • Vehicle Return - Because you will own the vehicle outright after financing, no return is required
  • End Costs - With no return requirement for a vehicle you finance, end costs don't exist
  • Wear & Tear - Fees associated with wear and tear apply to leasing contracts and not a vehicle you finance with our Subaru experts

Pros and Cons of Leasing


When deciding whether to lease a new Subaru model here in Helena, MT, consider the following:

  • Monthly Payments - Leasing a new Subaru model typically comes with lower monthly payments depending on the respective vehicle and trim level you select
  • Total Expense - Overall, leasing is generally a more affordable option over financing a new Subaru model
  • GAP Coverage - Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) is often incorporated into Subaru lease agreements to cover the difference between lease payment value and the vehicle's overall value. This coverage can help you significantly save if a collision or accident occurs
  • Vehicle Return - At the end of a lease agreement, you are required to return the Subaru model to our dealership with keys, registration, title and other relevant materials for contractual processing
  • End Costs - Fees relevant to the conclusion of a contract agreement can apply at the end of your lease
  • Wear & Tear - Excess wear and tear can result in a violation of a lease agreement and potential added fees. To avoid these expenses, we recommend regularly servicing your Subaru model with our factory-trained technicians

Contact our Subaru Finance Center in Helena, MT to Discuss these Options


Depending on whether you value the benefits of ownership or the flexibility of a short-term commitment, buying or leasing a new Subaru model in Helena, MT may respectively be right for you. Thankfully, you don't have to make the decision alone. Our finance experts are available to walk you through more specifics and provide necessary context for this big shopping consideration. Give us a call today to learn more and get started!

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